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Release Notes v11.01.03

Release Notes:

Enhanced conversion utility to handle earlier v12 edition service release conversions.

Corrected issue with ANSI 5010 claims populating the NM109 element incorrectly.

Enhanced ANSI 5010 claims to only populate active DX's at the time of billing.

Enhanced 'Validate Patient Files' report viewer to allow printing.

Enhanced the ERA Manager to allow multi-selection and deletion of ERA's.

Enhanced column definitions within the billing history section.

Enhanced Account Balances report to show last date of any payment type.

Enhanced ANSI 5010 setup to allow the suppression of REF segment in loop 2010AA (Provider number qualifier and Provider number).

Enhanced patient look up routines to allow for filtering based on active/inactive patients.

Updated all NYWC forms (OT/PT-4, C-4AUTH, C-4, C-4.2, C-4.3).

Enhanced ANSI 4010/5010 to allow for claim wide comments and transaction level comments (Loop 2300 segment NTE).

Enhanced ANSI 5010 claim generation to allow justification segment for Not Otherwise Classified procedure codes.

Added the ability to populate ANSI 5010 1000B loop directly (Receiver Name & Receiver ID).

Addressed unhandled exception within the lien wizard for invalid margin settings.

Resolved problem with PR-4 save routine.

Corrected problem with email appointment reminders sending multiple times on weekends.

Addressed issue with individual NPI not populating on ANSI 5010 claims.

Corrected printing issue with 'visit record receipt' report.

Addressed object reference error when sending out appointment reminders.

Correctly problem with Advanced Patient Lookup scrollbar being cut-off for some resolutions.

Corrected issue with capitalization within the First Visit Report.

Added number format validation to the Utilization Of Review phone number field.

Corrected problem with diagnosis prompts not triggering for postings imported from ForteEMR.

Corrected problem with data truncation when saving CA WC PR-2 form.

Addressed issue preventing statements from populating > 50 charges.

Resolved problems with looking up 1 and 2 digit diagnosis quick codes.

Corrected potential problem opening connections to SQL Server (unable to obtain a connection from the connection pool).

Corrected problem with billing history showing blank when attempting to post an ERA.

Resolved issue with the filing indicator not populating correctly for ANSI 5010 claims.

Corrected issue with 'money format' populating incorrectly within ANSI 5010 claims.

Addressed problem with Dx pointers not populating correctly from imported charges.