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Hear what some of our users have to say:


"Using ChiroSoft is like having a partner to share your workload... without having to share your profits. It never goes on vacation, calls in sick, complains about overtime, or quits. It's a great investment!"
Dr. Dan, California 

"Prior to using ChiroSoft, we spent three full days doing month end billing and we never got caught up. Using ChiroSoft we spend only three hours doing month end billing instead of three days. This has allowed for a more even cash flow and more free time to do other projects in the office. We estimate a 75% time savings by using ChiroSoft. The support team at ChiroSoft is always there to answer questions or solve problems. We would recommend ChiroSoft to any office."
Dr. Richard, Idaho  

"Dear ChiroSoft. Years ago when I purchased my practice, I acquired equipment and the use of your ChiroSoft program. Through the years I have wanted to own a billing software program with the capability of expanding it to multiple stations, adding managed care programs, reports, and schedules. Recently as you know I have done this. Thank you for many years of service. Each time my office staff have called, your staff have done their best to answer questions we have had."
Dr. John, California

"ForteEMR has made my practice run more efficiently. I no longer have to deal with travel cards and pens. It is also customizable to meet my busy Pregnancy Chiropractic needs relating to the "Bagnell Technique" for malpositioned babies. I have been able to track unique subluxation patterns for my research and be able to generate reports easily. If you haven't, check out ForteEMR. You may be missing out."
Dr. Larry, Pennsylvania

"I wanted to write to you to let you know how fabulous Michael from Technical Support is!! He has helped me out many times and I'm always so happy when he answers the line! He is articulate, considerate and has a good sense of humor! I really appreciate that there is such great informed support for our Forte software. He is very skilled at assisting with any questions and fixing any problems; he is able to both fix the problem and explain how I can avoid the problem or situation in the future. This is so invaluable because it allows me to be able to understand how to better utilize the software, and also to ensure that any problems are corrected quickly and accurately. This is essential for us to have such wonderful support so as to continue to use this software. I hope you can find some way to recognize Michael for his exceptional skills! Thank you for your time and consideration."
Sasanqua (Office Manager), Vermont

"Thank you for caring enough about your clients to hire such good, friendly, and courteous employees."
Dr. Richard, California

"Technical Support has been most helpful in identifying our challenges and providing us with solutions. They have excellent communication skills, so that I can clearly understand the course of action to take."
Dr. Wade, Missouri

"The Technical Support staff is prompt and very knowledgeable about all of the software capabilities. I would recommend your software program to any company, big or small that wanted to excel and utilize the latest technology available."
Dr. Peggy, Kansas

"...Within four months I began to use the program with increasing speed and I was no longer dictating for a transcriptionist. By making this transition I have saved $1200 to $1500 per month in transcription fees and have cut two to four hours a day off my schedule because I no longer have to edit and print the transcriptions..."
Dr. John, Maine

"I am often at meetings with doctors and staff where office issues are discussed and have always spoken highly of your system. I have even gone to offices in neighboring cities to get their staff going on the system."
Dr. Siri, California

"I am amazed at employee efforts to make sure that all of my questions are answered, and should I need further assistance, that my call would be welcomed."
Dr. Patricia, Georgia

"Having seen the other alternatives on the market and comparing them to your software, it is very clear that nothing comes even remotely close to its user-friendliness, features, and most importantly reliability."
Dr. John, New Jersey

"I would like to take a moment to thank the Forte tech support staff for their professionalism, and expertise in my data conversion transition. I feel the entire staff should receive a thumbs up. I look forward to continue using Forte for my chiropractic software needs."
John (Network Engineer), Virginia

"The ForteEMR program has helped me be able to keep more precise records, and be better prepared for insurance reports and audits. The learning time was short and the support has been fantastic. In fact so good that I haven't hardly needed it. Thanks again."
Dr. Ray, Indiana

"The software has helped me reach my clinic goals by keeping info organized."
Dr. Chris, Florida

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you and the great men you have working there. We were really having an issue here with our system and thru the expertise you guys have you corrected the problem and we are extremely happy."
Rhonda (Office Manager), Pennsylvania

"I want to let you know how pleased I was with the professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge I received from your technician J.Nation. Not only was he helpful he never made me feel ignorant in my minor knowledge of computers but he talked me through what he was doing and provided knowledge and great care. I wanted to Thank Him for his great representation of your company."
Jacqueline (Public Relations/Marketing), Arizona

"Thanks for your help today!! You did a great job!!"
Susan (Office Manager), Pennsylvania

"Hello, I would like to personally thank Josh for the excellent advice and assistance in setting up the 13v of your software. Never have I had a tech support person call me back to check up on the installation, which he did. He was polite, helpful and actually cared that all the computers on the network were working correctly and was not in a hurry to get me off the phone. Note to executives at Forté Holdings... Josh is a keeper."
Empire Computers

"I want to thank you for being so helpful in solving my tech issues. It is really refreshing to be able to contact Tech support and not only have someone friendly but knowledgeable! It is customer service like yours that keeps us using Forte!"
Adriana (Office Manager), California

"Thank you so much for your assistance today. You are the best. truth be told you've helped me in the past and you are my fave. Thanks!"
Martha (Office Manager), California

"Thank you for your help today. I appreciate you taking over the situation and getting us back up again. You were professional, patient and looked to find a solution in every situation. I especially appreciate you keeping your promise that the software would be completely installed by today. It was a long day but we got it done. It builds trust and relationship which is what is needed for a client. Thank you too for making yourself available to me for any problems we might encounter. I look forward to working with you."
Sue (Office Manager), Texas

"Hi Josh, I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for all of the help you gave us solving our claim submission problem. You were extremely attentive and prompt in your responses. I really appreciate the calls that we received from you asking if we’ve made progress. In the end we did and problem solved. Wishing the best."
Dr. Liz and Cindy (Office Manager), Minnesota

"Not sure what you did but after speaking with you last week, we are now billing electronically. Thanks!!!"
Dr. Kevin, California

"Thanks a lot, each time I learn more from you! Thanks again."
Dr. Monir, Texas

"Thank you so very much for your prompt customer support. Just would like to thank you and all the other members of tech support for all the help given to me. Your explanation and detail to all the question is greatly appreciated. I really do appreciate it. Very nice to work with someone so knowledgeable in what they are doing. Happy to have my Blues ready to go. Thanks again."
Diane (Office Manager), Vermont

"I want to take a moment to thank Tyson for the EHR training. As we progress toward our Meaningful Use goals, I would like to schedule more training with Tyson. Thank you."
Julie (Office Manager), California

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to say once again what great support we get from Forte. I have used this product for many years and after being exposed to inferior programs and technical support in the past, appreciate the product and the knowledge of your technical staff. "
Kelli (Office Manager), California

"I can't thank you enough for ALL of your help this morning. I had a list of things to get a handle on, email settings set up & testing, search report generator and how to formulate different reports/lists for emailing, how to save lists in excell and export so I can send out for printing mailing pieces. You are very knowledgeable, explained things well, took the time to answer my questions and were very pleasant and understanding. You made my day! My week!"
Dr. Sandra, Indiana

"Hi. I just wanted to let you know that Todd Mitchell helped me out so much. He deserves a raise!! For over 7 months I have had problems getting our medicare claims paid through the clearinghouse. After much confusion and trial and error on my and the clearinghouses' part, I had grown very weary and talk to Todd about our situation, he contacted the clearinghouse to let them know my issue. This led to Carolyn from the clearing house to call me; she then investigated the situation and has now fixed the issue. Todd called me back today to see how things were going, I told him one more thing that had to be fixed on his end, he did it and now hopefully things are straight. Todd was the solution to our problem. It is people like him who make working with you a great experience. Please thank him for me and for your business."
Julie (Office Manager), Virginia

"Angie, You were very, very helpful today. You answered all my questions in such a way to help me immediately."
Dr. Shelly, California

"Kealan, Thank you again for your kindness and consideration…it has been an honor, privilege and a personal pleasure to work with you today. Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions. I sincerely appreciate your attentiveness and professionalism."
Dr. Keith, Georgia

"Dear Michael & Josh - I want to thank the two of you for such a wonderful job. I was stunned @ how much I didn't know. You answered all my questions & opened my eyes to just how very much we could do to utilize our software & become a paperless & way more efficient practice. I was amazed & energized by the new technology. I would highly recommend this to all staff & doctors using Forte. Over 20 years of using your software & missing the boat by not finding out until now what all you offer. Thanks for making this possible. We want to implement all that you taught us, as soon as possible."
Elaine (Office Manager), California

"I want to thank you for the prompt, courteous service that you provided today. Your communication with me about software issues was clear, concise and user friendly which is important since topics like these are challenging to a non computer geek like me!"
Dr. Dennis, Ohio

"First I want to thank you for sending me to Angie yesterday. She was great. She walked me through the whole process on the CMS website."
Dr. Hilary, North Carolina

"I want to tell you that your assistance last week was invaluable. It helped my correct my processes and understand the procedure much better. I completed the process and CMS has informed me via email that my attestation is accepted and is in process for incentive bonus. I had "green lights" in all areas."
Dr. Ronald, Texas

"Another testament to your great customer service."
Nathan (Coordinator), New York

"Your customer service was and always is excellent. Thanks again."
Dr. Evan, New York

"Thank you for your help in getting us on the right track for this program!! I will pass the word to our medical team. You are the best, answered all my questions, and were (as always) friendly and helpful!!"
Amy (Office Manager), California

"I would say you have taken care of us with everything, you are always fast with replies, hard to get from some places since we are such a small account. Thanks for all you do."
Bobby (Owner), Texas

"Hi Breanna! I just wanted to say Thank You, to you and the staff at Forte Holdings. Your service has been very helpful throughout our process of integration, set-up, training, and everything in between. It has been a pleasurable experience of doing business with you. Hope you have a wonderful day!"
Chad (Director), Ohio

"You have been very attentive to my needs. You have always either gave me the correct answers or have always got me to right person to answer my questions. Despite me being a small service I probably have been more needs than that of a large service, but you have always been kind and courteous. Thanks you for all your help and I am sure I will need more things in the future and look forward to working with you. Again thanks for being patient with me. It is much appreciated."
Justin (Coordinator), South Dakota

"I would like to thank you for the awesome customer support. You were extremely helpful in answering all my questions. Your person knowledge in the products and services I inquired about was exceptional. Again, I cannot thank you enough for your assistance today."
Dr. Glenn, Georgia

"Customer service has been great so far, thank you!"
Dr. Nicholas, Minnesota

"Your assistance is very helpful Nicole. I greatly appreciate it!"
Dr. Jim, Missouri

"You were very courteous and polite. Thank you for your speedy response to my needs. It has been a pleasure speaking to you."
Marilou (Office Manager), New Jersey

"Thank you for your assistance, and please know you were very professional and willing to help. I appreciate how quickly Forte responds to us as a whole. Keep up the great customer service!"
Jan (Office Manager), California

"Josh, I want to thank you for your amazing technical skills and assistance in saving  ALL of my data.  When I spoke with you this morning, I thought you would simply be able to transfer my Chiro8000 data from my old server/computer to my new one.  When you found this major problem, I sensed your sincere concern when you told me of the eminent threat of losing all of my data.  I had no idea how close I was to losing everything had my hard drive crashed.   I appreciate all of your effort, time, skills, patience, ehtics and courtesy in helping me solve my problem.  You truly helped me dodge a bullet!  You're my hero!!! Forte is fortunate to have such an exceptional employee as part of their team!"
Dr. V, California